Prospective Members

GATA is a 100% volunteer organization. as a parent if you can contribute your time to helping us become a success we would greatly appreciate this.


From 6th through 12th grade.

General drawing: Sketching, Watercolor, Acrylic, Gouache Painting, Oil Painting, Oil pastel, Soft Pastel, Cartoon, 3D, Comicx, Mixed Media, Chinese painting


Contact GATA to set up an audition time. You may be required to draw a picture and please remember to bring the $20 non-refundable audition fee, a completed application form, and your pictures.


Audition Requirements.


Length of audition: 1.5–2 hours, Bring 2 or 3 original works.


With the profound high-tech resources from the silicon valley, we, the technology professionals who have passions to inspire young people to fulfill their dream in high-tech area embrace the opportunities to serve local communities and to build the future of our country.