About Us

We are a non-profit 501 (c)(3) public charity organization, dedicated to developing and sponsoring children's artistic talents through active involvement in community services. By engaging our young artists in these community services. We aim to foster our children's recognition and acceptance of such common social values as sharing, and striving for excellence.

What we do

Our scheduled annual program includes two activities around Memorial Day and the Christmas Holiday season, as well as a minimum of four community service events at community centers, library, retirement home and school.


Objectives and purposes

We believe everyone has the potential to become an artist or a tech professional. Love, passion, and perseverance are the key qualities people need in order to succeed in the fields of art and technology.

  • To promote visual art and technology education in local communities.
  • To unify people who have a passion for art and technology and professionals in these fields.
  • To provide a platform for artists to serve their community┬áby teaching people art. The visual art includes but not limited to ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, and architecture.
  • To provide a platform for tech professionals to serve their community┬áby teaching people information technology aspects such as computer programming, robotics, and telecommunication.
  • To inspire and empower people to become artists and tech professionals via award programs and various exhibitions including fairs.
  • To create a variety of charity programs such as fundraising in the art or technology promotion events, teaching art and technology to the youth with special needs or in need of financial assistance, and awarding the students with outstanding achievement.
  • To build and sustain solid relationships with communities by sharing various cultures and values in the forms of art and technology.